Vice President Sheri Sellmeyer and Principal Director Jane DuBose are available to discuss the implications of State Exchanges across the healthcare landscape. Leveraging Decision Resources Group's proprietary data and analysis, Ms. Sellmeyer and Ms. DuBose can speak to the short- and long-term effects of the Exchanges, as well as providing market-by-market insight on Healthcare Reform's evolution.

Ms. Sellmeyer is available to discuss:

  • How the pace of enrollment in the exchanges will vary by state, depending on the politics and how each state sells the new marketplaces
  • What premium rates are looking like on the exchanges—including the contrast between more and less expensive states—and what rates will be offered in some of the new nonprofit cooperatives
  • How CDHPs—which have already enjoyed a breakout year—are an overlooked trend in MCO offerings for exchanges, and what that will mean for consumers
    • Ms. Sellmeyer has co-written an Executive Briefing on the subject, which can be found here

Ms. DuBose is available to discuss:

  • What the latest medical and pharmacy benefit management trends are, how these fit into Healthcare Reform and the opening of the Exchanges—and what they will mean for companies doing business in the healthcare industry
  • How narrow-network plan designs have developed around the upcoming exchanges as MCOs work to differentiate themselves and compete in a more regulated landscape
  • How employer groups have shifted into private exchanges through defined contribution programs

To speak with Ms. Sellmeyer or Ms. DuBose, please contact Lydia Smith at 781-993-2594 or

About "State Exchange Report Cards"
How do state exchanges stack up for readiness, competition and potential to impact their markets? HealthLeaders-InterStudy, a Decision Resources Group company, grades all fifty states plus the District of Columbia on its NEW "State Exchange Report Cards."  Grades will be updated regularly as new developments occur.  The "Report Cards" are part of Decision Resources Group's ongoing "Sift Through The Noise" campaign to curate the most impactful data, analysis and insights on Healthcare Reform. Download the explanatory Executive Briefing at

HealthLeaders-InterStudy's upcoming webinar, entitled "Making the Grade: A Health Exchange Report Card" discusses outliers in Readiness, Carrier Competition, Impact on the Uninsured Population, Innovation and Benchmark Plans. This webinar will take place September 30th, 2013 at 3 pm Eastern and is open to media, government, payer, provider, PBM and Pharmaceutical executives. Register for the webinar here.

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