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                  Analyst Firm Decision Resources, Inc.    What:      White paper entitled Will Medicare Reform Be a Gold Mine for              the Pharmaceutical and Managed Care Industries? available free              to the media    Who:       Lead analyst Matt Bonner, M.D., author of white paper, will be              available to speak to media    How:       Available by phone and in person-Waltham, Mass.  

Decision Resources is making available a new white paper analyzing the impact of the new Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 on the pharmaceutical and managed care industries. The white paper is free to reporters and can be obtained by contacting Liz Marshall at Decision Resources at 781-296-2563 or emarshall@dresources.com.

The paper focuses on the bill's potential impact on drug manufacturers and managed care organizations and concentrates specifically on individual companies, predicting those most likely to benefit and discussing the factors that will fuel both short- and long-term success. The paper outlines:

  -- A brief history of Medicare.   -- The key features of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and     Modernization Act of 2003.   -- Potential impacts on the pharmaceutical industry, including:       < Current drug utilization, adherence, and outcomes       < Positive impact of the Medicare Reform Bill       < Key drivers of increased demand for prescription drugs under the Act       < Potential Winners in the Pharmaceutical Industry   -- Potential impact on the managed care industry, including:       < Medicare enrollment and prescription drug benefits in leading          multistate HMOs  

Lead author Matt Bonner, M.D., analyst at Decision Resources, is available to speak more about the Act. To speak with Dr. Bonner, please contact Liz Marshall at Decision Resources at 781-296-2563 or emarshall@dresources.com.

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