Danielle Drayton, Ph.D., director at Decision Resources, is available to discuss hospital-acquired infections with members of the media in the aftermath of the highly-publicized left knee surgery and subsequent infection suffered by New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady.

  Dr. Drayton is available to discuss:    -- The types of infections that can be contracted during hospital stays      and what actions medical professionals will typically take to combat      these infections   -- How long it takes to effectively treat a hospital-acquired infection,      what types of antibiotics are used to combat them and the challenges      doctors face in fighting hospital-acquired infections   -- The preventative non-pharmacologic measures physicians and medical      professionals practice to minimize the risk of infection in the      hospital setting   -- How the recent Medicare Hospital-Acquired Conditions Initiative will      affect infection control and treatment practices for hospital-acquired      infections   

To speak with Dr. Drayton, please contact Christopher Comfort at 781-296-2597 or ccomfort@dresources.com.

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PRNewswire -- Oct. 29

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