Decision Resources, a global leader in research and advisory services focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, and PharMetrics, a leading provider of health care market intelligence solutions and analytic insights, announced today the immediate availability of DecisionMETRICS -- Dyslipidemia. DecisionMETRICS is a powerful new online tool combining epidemiological, patient-level, and primary market research data to provide critical market information that allows biopharmaceutical companies to more accurately assess market size, identify untapped opportunities, and effectively position products.

The new product reveals that there is a significant opportunity to grow the dyslipidemia market, given the large percentage of the population that remains undiagnosed and the patient segments that should be receiving treatment but are not.

By pairing patient-level claims data with expert epidemiology studies, DecisionMETRICS estimates that only 40% of the U.S. population with dyslipidemia is diagnosed. The youngest age-group studied (18 to 44) has the lowest diagnosis rate at 21%. DecisionMETRICS finds that cardiologists surveyed believe that lack of screening and awareness of guidelines at the primary care level are the culprits, while primary care physicians point out they can't screen patients who don't seek medical attention.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that, even after being diagnosed with dyslipidemia, many high-risk patient groups are not being treated for the disease.

"Only 65% of all patients who have dyslipidemia and type 2 diabetes are being treated for their dyslipidemia, despite the fact that cardiologists and PCPs who were surveyed say that a patient's cardiovascular disease risk-factor profile drives drug treatment initiation," said Alice von Loesecke, senior director, New Products, Decision Resources. "Given that this patient group is at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, there is a clear opportunity for companies to provide physician and patient education to improve the treatment pattern."

"The beauty of DecisionMETRICS is that it provides the complete story of what's happening in a particular market and why, making it easier for marketers to assess a market and quickly take action," said Daniel Paterson, vice president, Marketing and Corporate Development, PharMetrics. "By combining epidemiological, patient-level, and primary market research data, DecisionMETRICS ensures that teams are getting the full story, not just pieces of it. This product is an ideal platform for use in driving strategy development."

DecisionMETRICS will cover a wide selection of therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, central nervous system disorders, immune and inflammatory diseases, and many more.

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