BURLINGTON, Mass., Oct. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group finds that the global hypertension management device market continues to hold considerable potential, despite recent setbacks. In the U.S., Europe and Japan, 200 million people are hypertensive, and many do not respond to medical therapy. Because hypertension can lead to major cardiovascular complications, there is substantial interest in treating this condition. Therefore, despite some unfavorable clinical trial results for renal denervation that have resulted in a recently stagnant market, the global hypertension management device market is expected to grow strongly through 2023.

Other key findings from Decision Resources Group's coverage of the global hypertension management device market:

  • Early adoption: Renal denervation devices were the first hypertension management devices to become commercially available, and early clinical trial results were very promising. As a result, initial uptake of these devices was rapid.
  • Results of SYMPLICITY HTN-3: In early 2014, however, the market suffered a major setback when Medtronic's SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial failed to meet its primary efficacy end point. This trial was the most rigorously designed to date and therefore carried more weight than past trials.
  • Response to SYMPLICITY HTN-3: In response, physicians became less optimistic about renal denervation and stopped referring patients for the treatment, and payors began refusing or resisting reimbursement for the procedure.
  • Continued interest in hypertension management: Despite this setback, physicians remain eager to use something to help a patient population that is out of options, resulting in continued research in this field.

Comments from Decision Resources Group Principal Analyst Sean Messenger:

  • "The health economic benefit of hypertension management devices is huge, contributing to their initial appeal. With the growing shift toward outcomes-based medicine and the emphasis on preventing disease rather than managing it, it's now much easier to justify spending a bit on a hypertension management device today to avoid significant costs down the road for heart attack or stroke treatment and rehabilitation."
  • "Because of continued interest in hypertension management, new clinical programs are being designed to address the issues with SYMPLICITY HTN-3. New trials will have to focus on improved patient selection, and sham procedures will need to be used to ensure patient blinding. Most of all, a method of determining whether or not denervation has occurred will need to be developed before we can truly understand the effect renal denervation has on hypertension."

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