Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, forecasts the dyslipidemia drug market in China to double by 2010 at a 15% compound annual growth rate. Statins, and simvastatin (Merck's Zocor) in particular, will continue to dominate the market with sales of $147 million in 2010.

According to the new Emerging Markets -- China report entitled Dyslipidemia in China, the majority of China's dyslipidemia population in 2005 resided in the poorer rural regions and were unable to benefit from Western drug treatment because of lack of private funds, scattered health insurance coverage, limited reimbursement by the existing health insurance schemes, and rising treatment costs.

"The dyslipidemia drug market is constrained by the high rate of poverty across China, which prevents two thirds of China's rural population from accessing medical care or paying for long term dyslipidemia therapy," said Nikhil Mehta, analyst at Decision Resources. "A year's course of statin therapy can account for 60% or more of the annual income of the average Chinese farmer treated at a grade 3 hospital."

Dyslipidemia in China also finds that Western branded drugs have tremendous longevity in the Chinese market --- far exceeding their patent life. Branded versions of drugs that are available as generics continue to dominate class sales based on the perception among physicians and patients that the Western brands are superior in efficacy, stability, and side effect profile compared with Chinese-made versions of the same drugs.

This new report from Decision Resources assesses the commercial opportunity in the Chinese pharmaceutical market for dyslipidemia based on population dynamics, economic development, disease epidemiology, and changing physicians' practices. Key elements of each report in our Emerging Markets-China series include:

  -- Accurate sizing of the patient population with access to Western      medicine   -- Projections for future patient populations based on trends in      lifecycle, urbanization, and economic status   -- Current treatment patterns and drivers of choice   -- Physician-defined unmet needs in diagnosing and treating the disease   -- Disease-specific pricing and reimbursement environment   -- Key drivers of market growth    About Emerging Markets -- China 

Emerging Markets -- China is the first and only syndicated report series focusing on high-growth emerging markets with comprehensive disease-specific analysis. With these reports, biopharmaceutical companies can:

  -- More accurately assess their commercial opportunity for Western brands      in China.   -- Understand the physician treatment patterns and drivers of choice in      key urban areas based on primary research.   -- Gain a clear perspective from a 5-year, drug-level market forecast,      which is broken out by multinational sales versus Chinese-based      companies.    About Decision Resources 

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