HealthLeaders-InterStudy, a leading provider of managed care industry intelligence, finds that North Carolina's Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan added 180,000 members in 2005, boosting its membership to over 1 million for the first time. The details of such rapid membership growth, and which specific insurance products drove such growth, is revealed in the new release of Managed Market Surveyor, a healthcare market intelligence product that examines the details of health plan enrollment growth.

"For anyone in the healthcare industry, it's the specifics of enrollment numbers that are most important," said Bryan Berndt, HealthLeaders-InterStudy Director of Product Development. "Someone using Managed Market Surveyor can see in detail whether the member gain is due to Blue Cross and Blue Shield's HMO product, its consumer-directed health plan product, or some other line of business, and what happened to other health plans' enrollments as a result."

This release of Managed Market Surveyor will reveal the specific details of other trends in health plan enrollment, such as:

  * In New York and New Jersey, open-access HMOs and POS plans are showing     significant membership growth.   * In Florida, Aetna's PPOs are showing strong growth against HMOs.   * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has added over 100,000 members     every year since 2001.   * And many other changes in every state.  

Managed Market Surveyor also boasts improvements in appearance and function.

"We are always working to improve both the quality of the data and the user experience," said Berndt. "I think that what users will notice most about this new version is the intuitive map-based interface. For example, you can dive down into a geographic area, move across to a specific health plan that is dominant in that area, and then pull back to a larger scale, to see how that health plan plays nationally. This kind of exploration can reveal trends and developments that are hard to detect otherwise."

  The improvements include:   * Easier navigation up or down in geographic level through a single simple     interface   * A reorganized "Managed Care Industry Information" section   * New data export options that allow users to produce customized printed     reports or download data into their own market analysis tools   * The ability to sort on any of the data variables, to rank companies by a     variety of criteria   * Population distribution by overall insured, risk-bearing, and non-risk-     bearing lives   * Health plan market shares at every geographic level   * Quick links from the data to detailed company profiles, with full     contact information   * Ready and simple viewing of enrollment by health plan at the county,     MSA, state, or national level  

The new Managed Market Surveyor is available now, with data as of January 2006, the most recent and most accurate health plan enrollment data available anywhere.

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