InterStudy Publications, a division of Decision Resources that specializes in the managed care industry, found that total Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) enrollment fell from 76.1 million enrollees in January 2002 to 74.2 million in July 2002. According to The Competitive Edge HMO Directory 13.1, a major factor in the decrease of full-service HMOs operating nationwide is the closure of larger plans such as Prudential.

"The latest HMO data shows that HMO enrollment continues to decline, falling by 1.9 million enrollees in the last six months," said Tammy Lauer, Director of Research for InterStudy Publications. "At the same time, the number of HMOs fell from 500 to 476. Many of the plan closures were to due Aetna's decision to close 16 Prudential plans in 2002."

The Competitive Edge HMO Directory is used by health care analysts around the country to track competing HMOs and compare HMO growth in various states or regions. The Competitive Edge HMO Directory identifies key players in a given state and presents each HMO profile in a consistent manner for easy comparison. It also provides information on changes in providers and enrollment for the past three years to allow for extended comparisons.

InterStudy publishes the InterStudy Competitive Edge series semi-annually. The HMO Directory is the first of this three-part series on HMOs. Part II, The HMO Industry Report, analyzes plan growth and characteristics associated with growth in HMOs. Part III, The Regional Market Analysis, examines market structure and dynamics of metropolitan markets served by HMOs.

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