Vice President Sheri Sellmeyer, Principal Director Jane DuBose and Senior Director Roy Moore are available to discuss the federal government's decision to allow pharmacy copay coupon usage for enrollees of the healthcare insurance exchanges. Leveraging Decision Resources Group's proprietary data and analysis, Ms. Sellmeyer, Ms. DuBose and Mr. Moore offer expert commentary on the ways copay coupons will affect the U.S. healthcare marketplace, from the impacts on the pharmaceutical industry to a consumer, brand and state view.

Ms. Sellmeyer is available to discuss:

  • How pharma is applauding the decision on copays, while Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are worried about consumers circumventing measures meant to save costs on drugs
  • Ms. Sellmeyer has written a blog on the subject, which can be found here

Ms. DuBose is available to discuss:

  • How consumers will be impacted—and how much the typical coupon shaves off the cost of drugs
  • What a recent study means for the industry: expert discussion of the finding that consumers using copay coupons for branded drugs show better adherence to their statin drug therapies than those who do not use coupons
  • Ms. DuBose has written a blog on the subject, which can be found here

Mr. Moore is available to discuss:

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