Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, announced its list of the top ten health care events of 2004.

  10.   Approval of Sepracor's blockbuster-to-be Lunesta for insomnia -- the         approval of this drug will wake up a sleepy industry.    9.    The merger of Anthem and WellPoint for $16.5 billion to create the         largest health insurance company in the United States.    8.    The EU Pharmaceutical Review -- this legislation will introduce         radical changes to the drug registration process and facilitate the         launch of generics.    7.    The acquisition of Aventis by Sanofi-Synthelabo, creating Aventis-         Sanofi, the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world behind         GlaxoSmithKline (#2) and Pfizer (#1).    6.    California voters approved the biggest source of state taxpayer-         funded stem cell research, prompting biotechs in the field to "go         West."          "For stem cell researchers, the millions of dollars authorized by         California voters has triggered a 21st Century gold rush," said Matt         Bonner, M.D., chief analyst at Decision Resources, Inc.    5.    Drug re-importation from Canada to the United States gathers         momentum.    4.    The flu vaccine shortage in the United States.    3.    Reelection of George W. Bush-although not a direct health care event         in 2004, the re-election of Bush has major implications for the         health care industry.    2.    The implosion of the COX-II inhibitors class of drugs.    And the number one health care event that happened in 2004:    1.    The implosion of the COX-II inhibitors class of drugs. This event is         so significant that it takes up two spots on the list.          "It's hard to imagine a bigger event than the collapse of the COX-2         inhibitors," said Dr. Bonner. "The withdrawal of Vioxx and new         concerns over Pfizer's Celebrex and Bextra will ripple through         health care at every level-from the individual patient all the way          up to policy at the FDA. It will be years before all the effects are         felt."    About Decision Resources 

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