Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms for pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, finds that, although novel therapies will contribute to sales growth, anticholinergics, including Pfizer/Schwarz Pharma's Toviaz, will continue to dominate the urge urinary incontinence drug market over the next decade.

The new Pharmacor report entitled Urge Urinary Incontinence finds that, although the current market leader, Pfizer's Detrol LA/Detrusitol XL, will lose patent protection in 2012, new and reformulated anticholinergics, led by Toviaz, will sustain the dominance of the class through 2016. The report also finds that, while returning impressive results in clinical trials involving neurogenic overactive bladder patients, Allergan's Botox will face limitations on its uptake because of concerns about its locally injected route of administration, potential to elicit urinary retention and cost. Nevertheless, Botox -- a drug most commonly associated with cosmetic procedures -- will be the most successful agent offering an alternative to anticholinergic therapy.

Over the next decade, increases in the prevalent population and in diagnosis and drug-treatment rates, the use of extended-release agents, and the introduction of relatively costly new agents that include Astellas's YM- 178 will drive robust eight percent annual growth in the urge urinary incontinence market.

"Although there will be a few key emerging agents during our forecast period, none of them will displace anticholinergics as the mainstays of urge urinary incontinence treatment," said Cindy Mundy, Ph.D., director at Decision Resources. "As a result, sales growth will result from patients transitioning to more-expensive anticholinergics that offer improvements in delivery or dosing flexibility, rather than from a substantial change in the approach to treating the disorder."

To listen to an interview with Dr. Mundy regarding the urge urinary incontinence drug market, please visit the Find Out More section of the Decision Resources home page on October 22, 2007, at

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