DRG has instituted an official volunteer day off for employees, available to them once per year. We highly encourage employees to take advantage of the policy and make a difference in their local communities. ​

DRG's Care Council is a self-nominated group of members who have a big impact on the DRG culture and community—as well as the communities around our offices. Recently, the Council brought an idea to DRG's executive leadership that was approved and is now fully rolled out: a volunteer day off every year, for all employees.

Care Council wasn't founded until about a year and a half ago, when the People Operations & Engagement team was focusing on enabling a culture of high performance, health, and care. SVP Jeanne Gray said the impetus was that the team, "took a step back and reflected on how, for Piramal, philanthropy is central for them in how they live their lives—by Doing Well and Doing Good." At the time DRG didn't have a global identity around giving back to our communities, she said; employees were doing great things in pockets and the company was supporting on a case-by-case basis. When it was clear that coordination was needed to have a company-wide policy, an HR Business Partner stepped forward to lead the Care Council. "The Council," Gray explained, "is a group of strong leaders for whom volunteerism is a part of who they are. These colleagues exemplify leadership and I'm incredibly proud of what they've done." The concept of a global volunteer day off is something that came out of the Care Council and that they continue to drive forward.

Instrumental to the success of the proposal, one Senior Client Project Manager in Parsippany has participated in community service for many years. "I truly believe in "paying it forward" and in giving back when an opportunity presents itself," she said, "so I could not pass up the chance to be part of the Care Council. If there is even a small way I can help, it is my responsibility to do what I can." She was also an active member in her previous company's service program, where she made care packages for the military, donated blood, traveled to nursing homes to visit with the elderly, packaged food for community kitchens, and joined various other projects. On her own, she sponsors a child in Zimbabwe to provide him food and other necessities through a local organization. The Director of Learning Operations with DRG Learning also volunteers with children: "Since becoming a mom, I've felt a calling to help children, so this year I am very excited to be involved with an initiative called Adopt-A-Child Christmas tree, where people can pick a child from the tree and donate goods for a specific child in need during the holidays." Our London-based Key Account Associate said she has "always found volunteering very rewarding and enriching; it is a way of knowing you are actually trying to make a difference to the world."

For her, she finds Care Council a good way to make volunteering part of her regular schedule. She believes volunteering through work means, "you get to know your colleagues better and you contribute towards a positive work environment. It is also a great way to explore new skills outside of your day-to-day role." A Business Services Director—also Council member in Milwaukee—agreed that, "Being part of Care Council provides an opportunity to work with a great team of DRG associates that I may not otherwise have the opportunity to work with, to come together as a group to help others." Milwaukee's participation rate is stellar, and over the last few years the office has provided lunches to underserved kids, donated blood, contributed to homeless shelters, and done book and toy drives. She said that she is thrilled DRG is now empowering all DRGers to give back, and that the volunteer day off is a day on for her. A Senior Analyst of Nashville believes that, "the provision of a PTO service day has significantly aided the planning and conducting of Care Council initiatives. Before, we were faced with either interrupting folks' weekends or relying on managers' case-by-base approval of smaller projects during the workweek. Both those approaches inhibited participation rates. PTO service days, and the implicit corporate support of volunteerism they reflect, will boost engagement."

There are reps for Care Council scattered throughout our offices, and they all played a part in making a volunteer day of a reality. Use your volunteer day off this year to pursue a cause you care about, knowing that DRG supports you!​ ••​

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