Team members from the Toronto office participated in the annual Heart & Stroke Big Bike event in early 2018, raising thousands of dollars for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The team blew past its fundraising goal, with a huge portion of the donations raised coming from DRG employees. In addition to fundraising, the event involved riding through the streets of Toronto on a giant bike to raise awareness for the Foundation.


Big Bike participants ride around downtown Toronto on a giant multi-person bike, blaring music. All of the money raised through Big Bike helps support the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Donations are used to help fund critical research that's preventing heart disease and stroke, saving lives, and supporting survivors and their families.

So, in addition to being a heart-thumping good time, Big Bike is a vital fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

DRG has participated in the Big Bike event for a number of years and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Heart & Stroke Foundation to date! Money raised is used to help fund critical research to prevent heart and stroke and to support survivors and their families.


Toronto's Care Council reps said that, "riders raised funds by soliciting donations from present and past colleagues, friends, and family members." The reps were responsible for organizing the event. This year, they managed to have the Toronto Heart and Stroke Foundation come into the office to kick off the event! Riders then got on a giant group bike to pedal about 2.5 km, or 1.5 miles.


The annual Toronto Big Bike event represents DRG values of Integrity and Partnership, and Toronto looks forward to another successful ride next year!

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