The Yardley, Pennsylvania office is the next DRG office to be moved and get a makeover.  Manchester, Burlington, and Boston have all recently changed locations and had massive remodeling efforts—and now Yardley is following suit.


The goal for the new Yardley office is to expand beyond the traditional model of Yardley as a Consulting hub—allowing growth for other areas of the business into the space.  There will be an emphasis on collaboration between several business units across DRG.  Head of US Market Access Vertical and Managing Partner of DRG Consulting Brian Corvino said, "We are excited to invest in the continued growth of our Philadelphia/Princeton area presence.  Five years ago this office was initially established to support the growth of our consulting business but we are thinking bigger now.  As we move forward, we anticipate not only continued growth in our consulting team, but also growth in our commercialization functions and other client facing teams."


Given the location in Pennsylvania, the Yardley office is strategically placed in close proximity to 14 of the top 20 biopharma companies in the world and will give DRG greater ability to tap into the world-class talent pool in the area. In addition, the team is excited to use the space to further strengthen client relationships through onsite hosting both for project and non-project related events in the office. John Jaeger, DRG Consulting Partner and Yardley office head, noted that collaboration will extend beyond intra-company to inter-company: "Our new space is centered around a single core concept—collaboration.  As the centerpiece of all team performance, we felt it was critical that we built a space with that core value in mind.  As we begin the design of the office, we want to ensure that we enable our team to work collectively in an atmosphere that will provide a range of different settings that can accommodate the varying needs and preferences of high performing teams."


As Corvino put it, the office will create "a new ecosystem within DRG" where DRGers and our clients can work together within an innovative new location.  As with previous redesigns, the focus will be on an open floorplan and spots conducive to group work and connecting with coworkers in a space that works for the office as a whole.

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