TGaS Vendor Insights announced that Decision Resources Group has been named the Best Vendor Partner in the area of Market Access & Reimbursement for 2018. The award was given based on client nominations from within the field of Market Access, and is an exciting measure of DRG's success.


TGaS Vendor Insights, the firm's online vendor management solution, provides life sciences companies with a comprehensive set of peer ratings for vendors across virtually all business functions with vendor profiles, commentary and other information. The company notes that, "Decision Resources Group is one of six winners of the TGaS® Advisors Award for the Best Vendor Partners in Biopharma. The winners were chosen from among nearly 200 nominations submitted by 70 different biopharma companies and Decision Resources Group was awarded as the best vendor partner in Market Access & Reimbursement." The Advisors ran a study meant to explore the impact of vendor partnership, as data shows that eight out of every ten dollars that pharma spends to support commercialization is with vendors. Analyzing the survey data, TGaS identified five key recommendations for both pharma companies and vendors to cultivate excellent partnerships. TGaS found that the strongest partners align, plan and execute to outcomes, and they do it on a foundation of listening and responding. "We found it very interesting that responsiveness was correlated with good partnership in just about every way we analyzed the data," said Tim Wohlgemut, who heads TGaS Insights. He summarized key findings about "what good looks like" in the most successful vendors: "True partners are focused on outcomes. They challenge thinking, recommend solutions and are responsive. The great news is that responsiveness is measurable and can be cultivated to achieve better partnerships."


On the DRG side as part of our process of continuous customer experience improvement, we seek satisfaction feedback on nearly every delivered project. This amounts to tons of annual feedback scores from clients—allowing us to understand where we need to improve our services. Senior Vice President of Market Access Data Jeff Forringer enthused, "Our unique client approach resulted in positive feedback from the biopharmaceutical companies that nominated DRG as a Best Vendor Partner. This award validates DRG's belief that seeking and listening to client feedback is paying off in improved results." VP Commercialization MACC Insights Chetan Tadvalkar agreed that, "This award is a fantastic confirmation of what we've always known: our team of analysts, data scientists, and consultants is the best in the industry. Working in partnership with us, our clients are able to get rapid answers to their most pressing access and reimbursement issues, and make decisions that directly impact patients' lives for the better. We have a genuine passion for helping our customers solve problems and maximize patient access." VP Market Access Insight Solutions and Provider Research Operations Carolyn McMeekin is thrilled that the award further recognizes our collaborative approach to client services.


While the award is gratifying for DRG and our partners in Market Access, Senior Vice President of Market Access Solutions Brian Corvino points out that this is nothing new: "DRG has always been considered, by clients, to be a pioneer and leader within market access and reimbursement. With a history dating back almost 30 years, DRG has played an important part in helping to establish as well as grow this function within the industry. Today, DRG uniquely offers the broadest and best suites of Data and Insights Solutions, along with Consulting Services, within the industry. Our teams continue to be recognized as subject matter experts and innovators, dedicated to best in class client service, within the growing and important space of market access. It is always wonderful to have objective client confirmation of the excellence that we bring to our work each day. I continue to be proud of the work that we do to advance our mission towards continuing to support the balance of innovation and access in the growing life sciences industry. While we have 30 years of history behind us, I know our next 30 years will be filled with continued growth, innovation and excellence."

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