Collaboration lunches are one of three new programs launched as part of Burlington's office engagement committee—known as the 'Burlingagment' Committee—goal of bringing together members of the Burlington DRG office. The lunches are designed to get small groups of DRGers from different areas of the company to go to lunch together and learn a little bit more about what people do every day.


Burlington sent its first two groups of DRGers to lunch recently, and they each decided to go to the Island Creek Oyster Bar—a restaurant located two buildings over from the DRG Burlington office. Overall, both were resounding successes! Participants noted their new-found knowledge of a totally different department, left with "a better understanding of what it is that we sell and how we produce our products," and enjoyed learning about people's trajectories to DRG. The lunches were delicious as well!

More lucky Burlington DRGers will have the opportunity to go to lunch every month, so employees monitor the Burlington café for the sign-up sheet. And for any employees not in the Burlington office, Burlingagement hosts them for lunch if they happen to be visiting!

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