DRG Partner Adrienne Lovink discusses the future of value-based contracting in the medtech industry.

She lays out 3 key macrotrends that indicate we’ll see more types of these agreements in coming years.


If I look forward to the future about what to expect for value-based contracting in the future, it's a little bit early to tell how it's gonna play out but definitely expect to see a proliferation of these types of agreements.

The major reason, I think, it's gonna grow is because it fits so many of the bigger healthcare macrotrends that we see and that we're monitoring in the market. So, specifically, it fits just a general movement to value-based care. So a general focus on how do we make sure that our devices really deliver on the outcome promise that they have for patients? So it fits in with MedTech value-based care. It fits a desire within the med device companies to engage more deeply and to partner with their provider counterparts. So it creates a different type of partnership than just doing a device contract or just doing a volume contract or just doing a price contract.

And the third reason is moving to more engagement with non-clinical stakeholders and knowing that those non-clinical stakeholders care about the types of terms that are happening in value-based contracts.

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