Presenter: Rachel Webster, Principal Director, DRG Oncology

Webinar Length: 9 minutes


In today’s landscape, it’s challenging to get an accurate picture of the complex oncology clinical journey – especially how treatments are sequenced.

With the influx of new clinical developments and combination therapies, physicians are often faced with difficult choices on what and when to prescribe. As a result, pharma strategists are often navigating positioning decisions without a map.

Watch this short 9-minute webinar to learn how to bring clarity to the oncology clinical journey.

Rachel Webster, Principal Director, Oncology at DRG, reviews two scenarios where pharma strategists can use Treatment Sequencing data to make better decisions:

  • Malignant Melanoma: Understanding Positioning and Competitive Threats
  • Prostate Cancer: Identifying Treatment Sequencing nuances by Physician Specialty


DRG’s Oncology Treatment Sequencing research arms strategists with the right data to maximise potential of existing assets and select the optimal position for emerging therapies:

  • Pinpoint current drug positioning and uptake, in one snapshot, to facilitate forecasting
  • Drill down into physicians' treatment sequences and understand which brands to position against or how to defend share
  • Identify untapped treatment scenarios and key competitors to aid trial design
  • Evaluate unique disease-specific treatment patterns and dynamics to plan and manage sales


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