In this video, Felix Lam, Associate Lead from DRG's Client Engagement Team, speaks about how the application of Real World Data in Patient Journey research is helping medtech plan for the future.


I think one of the more interesting things that we are seen more these days is having our clients come to us with questions around value-based care. Obviously, that’s a very important topic to them these days, and our clients want to understand it for the patients that are using their products or that are getting procedures: what is happening to them down the line. So, a big thing that claim analysis allows us to do is that we can take advantage of having very large sample sizes of thousands or even millions of patients that are using these products or getting these procedures. And we can follow these patients downstream--one, two, five years down the line. We can follow them from hospitals to clinics to physician offices. We can follow them from one physician to another and from one payer to another. And we can see and measure what is actually happening into these patients. How often are they touching the healthcare system? How often are they being diagnosed, having acute events, or having certain interventions? And this really helps our clients to go into meetings with payers, with providers, and show evidence that their products are contributing to better patient outcomes or helping to reduce downstream healthcare cost and our clients really value this level of insight.

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