Although no RNA (ribonucleic acid)-based therapeutic has yet been approved for an oncology indication, the nature of these agents means that this class encompasses a wide-range of agents and mechanism of actions.

From immune-activating mRNA-based cancer vaccines to RNAi and aptamers that can selectively silence genes and inhibit pathways, these therapies are building significant momentum, fueled by the promise of great survival benefits.

Despite being a hotbed of optimism, the outstanding commercial potential for these novel therapies are mired by the unique technological challenges and high-risks associated with lengthy clinical development remaining.

In this eBook, DRG Oncology expert Joshua Dawkins shares his perspective on emerging therapies and trends shaping the future of the RNA-based therapies landscape.

Key topics covered include:

  • Current leading therapies
  • Emerging players, agents and trials to watch
  • Disease management and access issues
  • Perspectives from oncologist KOLs
  • Takeaways for biopharma strategists


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