Forecasting the renal denervation market is a big challenge for medtech marketers.

DRG cardiovascular expert Sean Messenger shares four key considerations to plan an accurate market forecast.



Forecasting the renal denervation market is definitely a challenge. There are four things that we need to consider when we're forecasting this market. The first is when the first device will gain approval, and we look at the timelines of the current pivotal clinical trials to determine that. The second is the patient population that will stand to benefit from using this device. And we look at that by evaluating the patients that enter into that pivotal trial, and then combine that with epidemiology data on hypertensive patients to determine which patients might benefit and how many there are.

The third thing is to understand physician perceptions. And we've done that through surveying interventional cardiologists who have reported that they have used renal denervation in the past and are interested in continuing to do so. And then the last thing that we do is we try to determine pricing. And the pricing is definitely dependent on the reimbursement that will be granted, so we have to evaluate what we think that might look like. Then we can also look at analogous markets such as cardiac ablation catheters to try to nail down a price.

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