The respiratory marketing team at a large pharmaceutical company was planning a launch market strategy for a new indication, and was looking for a deeper understanding of the therapy landscape and treatment patterns in real-world settings.

Key areas of focus for the marketing team:

  • Understanding and targeting the right physicians and patients at launch
  • Identifying the key events leading to a biologic drug intake
  • Pulling the right levers to drive treatment uptake and positive outcomes


DRG’s respiratory experts set the scene, providing market context and clinical insights and practices.

Data scientists then used medical and pharmacy claims data to perform line of therapy and referral pattern analyses.

The team identified three patient cohorts and mapped the patient journeys for each, from diagnosis to Rx, including the point at which they switched to biologic therapies.

 Key analyses

  • Market size and patient characteristics
  • Key lines of therapy and treatment-switch patterns
  • Influences over treatment decisions
  • Highest-value physicians to target for launch

Elements of success

  • Real-world data: U.S. claims (medical and pharmacy claims)
  • DRG expertise: Respiratory experts and data scientists
  • Integrated analysis


DRG created a customized report and data navigation platform, giving the client a deep understanding of the therapy landscape, referral patterns, and the best physicians and patients for market-sizing and targeting.

This information enabled the client to build a strategy to maximize revenue from the launch of new indications.

Significance for client

Critical insights enabled the client to:

  • Quantify threats and opportunities in the new market
  • Leverage factors leading to a switch to biologic therapies in respiratory patients
  • Identify key targets based on referral patterns












Source: DRG Real World Data Repository

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