Pricing & Market Access Growth Strategy for Two Brands

Integrated access strategy is informed by foundational customer insights and executed via strong account engagement.

The client’s previous market access strategy failed to meet access goals and the patient support program was eroding gross-to-net.

The Head of Market Access asked DRG to address four objectives:

  • Improve understanding of market access landscape to set a foundation for an insight-driven, integrated access plan and strategy
  • Develop an account archetyping and contracting strategy to inform account targeting and tactical engagement
  • Evaluate current list pricing strategy and develop short and long-term pricing guidance based on a comprehensive historical analysis of category and analog list pricing actions
  • Conduct a patient savings program benchmarking assessment and evolve program design to improve grossto-net performance

In order to meet the diverse set of needs required by the client, DRG Consulting developed a fully integrated and customized approach combing DRG’s best in class data assets, in-house therapeutic expertise, and extensive experience in the US market access arena. The solution included the following inputs:

  • Internal interviews with market access leadership team
  • Qualitative telephone-depth interviews with US payer executives
  • DRG disease insight reports
  • Fingertip Formulary data
  • HLI lives data
  • DRG claims and EHR data
  • Publically available and purchased pricing data
  • Previous internal research and analysis
  • Internal prescription and rebate data

We developed an integrated access strategy to achieve an optimal balance between list pricing, payer rebate contracting and patient savings. Project deliverables included:

  • Market access landscape highlighting opportunities for product differentiation
  • Multi-dimensional account segmentation (based on account enrollment, utilization, and formulary management composite scores) with engagement and contracting/rebate guidelines for each account archetype
  • Analysis of list pricing history and recommended actions
  • Benchmarking of patient savings program benefit design vs. competitors, and analysis of utilization of patient savings program with recommendations to increase volume and/or gross-to-net

The client used the insights to:

  • Inform development of payer value proposition and messaging
  • Develop short– and long-term list pricing strategy
  • Develop account engagement strategy
  • Begin re-evaluating existing patient saving strategy