Forecasting the likelihood of success of late-phase clinical trials in oncology is complex. Positive efficacy signals observed in early-phase trials are frequently not reproduced in more rigorous, late-phase trials. However, the failure of the pivotal Phase III trial evaluating epacadostat in combination with Keytruda for the treatment of malignant melanoma was particularly surprising. This disappointing result is causing shockwaves in the oncology community and the future of IDO-1 inhibitors combined with PD-1 inhibitors is being called into question.

In this executive briefing we explore the Phase III Epacadostat + Keytruda Trial Failure in Malignant Melanoma and the impact this failure will have on the oncology landscape.

Download this executive briefing to better understand:

  • Current state of play for immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • The importance of combination treatments
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful combination trials
  • The importance of IDO-1 inhibitors
  • The impact of the Keytruda + epacadostat failure
  • How biopharma companies can optimize their combination trial strategy going forward




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