A mid-sized pharmaceutical company acquired the U.S. rights for a product in a market with just one competitor, but was lacking the market knowledge to position the drug.

Before starting regulatory and commercial efforts, the senior director of market insights and analytics wanted to understand:

  • The market landscape and how the competitor treatment was being used
  • How best to position the drug to take market share from the existing product

In addition, the client needed this data and presentation-grade insights for a major board meeting, only two and a half weeks away.


With the client’s board meeting looming, DRG’s multidisciplinary team was able to act fast, using its existing proprietary epidemiology reports, therapy area insights, and real-world data repository.

The team created a bird’s-eye view of the market to give the client some fast, initial insights, following up with a more granular analysis for actionable insights

 Key analyses:

  • Market shares of currently approved treatments
  • Switch patterns for key lines of therapy, including treatment durations
  • Market size and patient characteristics, including demographics and co-morbidities
  • Unmet needs in the treatment landscape

Elements of success

  • Real-world data: US. EHR data and claims data (medical and pharmacy) covering multiple insurance entities
  • Proprietary epidemiology data
  • DRG expertise: Clinical experts, data scientists, epidemiologists, and consultants
  • Integrated analysis


DRG delivered a complete picture of the market landscape and market definition, as well as a custom dataset of key physicians and metrics for prioritizing potential targets.

DRG experts set up a workshop to lead the client through the most critical findings and recommendations, and to address questions

 Significance for client

The client was given the tools and information needed to:

  • Conduct market forecasting
  • Kick-start the commercialization strategy
  • Create an optimal launch strategy

Source: DRG Real World Data Repository


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