This live session took place on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017.

Value-based contracts that align drug prices with quality and patient outcomes are gradually gaining traction as the U.S. healthcare system seeks to decouple reimbursement from volume alone. However, market reception to value-based agreements for branded drugs is uneven at best, and determining where, when, whether and how to put these innovative deals into place will be crucial to a successful pharma strategy going forward.

In this 30-minute webinar, Market Analyst Stephanie Hoops will explore some of the key questions impacting value-based drug contracting:

  • In which therapeutic areas are value-based contracts most concentrated?
  • What hurdles stand in the way of value-based agreements?
  • How can pharmaceutical manufacturers prepare for success?
  • Where are the best opportunities for strategic growth?

Presented by Stephanie Hoops, Market Analyst, Market Access Insights with DRG’s Insights Division.

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