The oncology team at a large pharmaceutical company was looking to optimize market position on several fronts:

  • Defend its territory as a first-line therapy for indication #1
  • Uncover opportunities to optimize its place in the treatment pathway for indication #2
  • Plan a successful launch strategy for indication #3

To achieve this, the company would need to evaluate the threats and opportunities in the therapy landscape for all three indications.

It would also require a deeper understanding of the patient population and the unmet needs, to inform and develop its strategy.


DRG’s experts used a combination of claims data and epidemiology data to build a robust picture of the therapeutic landscape and patient journeys for the three indications.

Key analyses:

  • Market shares of current approved treatments
  • Switch patterns for key lines of therapy, including treatment durations
  • Market size and patient characteristics, including demographics and co-morbidities
  • Unmet needs in the treatment landscape

Elements of success

  • Real-world data: U.S. pharmacy and claims data
  • DRG expertise: Oncology experts, data scientists, and epidemiologists
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Integrated analysis


DRG delivered custom reports of the therapy landscape and the patient journeys for the three indications. This provided the client with the tools and information needed to build a roadmap and optimize market position.

Significance for client

The client was empowered to make confident planning decisions around:

  • Positioning its drug for increased market share
  • Mitigating drug-switching threats










Source: DRG Real World Data Repository

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