This live session took place on Thursday, June 14th 2018. 

There has been a marked uptick in the trend of employers bypassing traditional insurers to contract with integrated delivery networks for employee healthcare. Deals range from those that are limited in scope to full-fledged contracts that cut the MCO out entirely and provide for all employee healthcare services.

Despite this, traditional MCOs are fighting back to regain and/or combat the influence of IDNs on the delivery of healthcare.

Specifically, this webinar seeks to cover:

  • The growing control of IDNS over benefit design, formulary, cost controls, and disease management as they engage in varying levels of direct contracting with employers.
  • Efforts by employers to explore bypassing PBMs to directly contract with drug manufacturers in an effort to better control Rx spending/supply chain.
  • Enrollment trends for IDN-owned health plans amid the volatility of health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion.
  • Specific procedures/therapeutic areas impacted by these trends.
  • How IDNs are partnering with MCOs to offer joint-venture health plans
  • How MCOs are fighting back and putting increased premium/cost transparency pressures on IDNs.
  • Actionable insights to consider when moving forward.


Valerie Pillo (Host), Market Analyst at Market Access Insights

Mark Cherry, Principal Market Analyst at Market Access Insights

Brandon Gee, Senior Analyst at Market Access Insights


Introducing Healthbase: the industry’s most accurate and intelligent affiliations platform.Healthbase is a unique platform that provides multi-disciplinary market access teams with both the data and insight they need to understand system alignment—down to the individual provider level—and ascertain the level of control IDNs exert on a geographic and physician basis.

Get answers to your biggest questions, including:

  • What are the most influential networks worth targeting?
  • How are HCPs affiliated to those networks, and to what degree are they controlled?
  • To what degree have IDNs gained control by taking on the role of payer?
  • How should we execute our account management strategy?

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