The spectrum of the types of services, programs, resources that hospitals need today is definitely changing as well as the type of stakeholders that are involved. So, when we use the term non-clinical stakeholders, that’s obviously an umbrella term, where you can have people that are involved with managing inventory or managing a cath lab versus somebody like a chief financial officer or a chief technology officer.

In the past, what we have seen is that manufacturers have done a good job in terms of providing operational support because that was a big need in the market, a few years ago.
We can look at orthopedic manufacturers as a good example here, where in today’s space we have a lot of different manufacturers who provide full inventory management. And in some cases, not only for their own products but are willing to manage the entire, you know, implant inventory or hospital would have across the different manufacturers that they’re used in. So, that’s an area where they are trying to bring operational efficiency and support to a hospital.

What we’re seeing now and what we’ll continue to see is as the focus of these non-clinical stakeholders shifts, so if we go back to the orthopedic or cardiovascular examples, we can now assume that these stakeholders now have a good idea of the operational support that they are getting. They know how to manage their inventory, or they have a good idea about how to manage their cath labs.
We know now the need for a lot of hospitals have become in terms of value-added healthcare.
So, not only the product delivering value today but what kind of long-term clinical impact is this kind of therapy is going to have and what kinds of long-term financial benefits will this therapy have.

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