The brand director in the lifecycle management division of a large pharmaceutical company was challenged to find new revenue opportunities for a cardiology drug that had reached maturity in its market.

To meet this objective, the team was aiming to launch three new target indications over the next few years – a major challenge in a market with a long-standing standard of care and few obvious unmet needs therapeutic needs.


DRG’s experts integrated real-world data and primary market research to build a robust patient journey that uncovered new opportunities to influence the established standard of care.

Key analyses:

  • Current treatment cascade and buying process
  • How the client fits into the current standard
    of care
  • Unmet needs in the market
  • The interplay between physicians, patients and payers, and its influence on brand choice
  • Potential market impact of label expansion for new indications

Elements of success

  • Primary research: Interviews with cardiologists to shape, validate, and add context to the buying process
  • Real-world data: US. EHR data and claims data layered onto the real-world buying process
  • DRG expertise: Cardiovascular specialists, data scientists, industry and market landscape consultants
  • Integrated analysis


DRG delivered a customized report that gave the client a clear and complete picture of the buying process for its three target indications, as well as market definitions by key patient segments and unmet needs.

DRG experts also shared with the client recommendations for areas to prioritize in the development of a strategy. 

Significance for client

The client obtained the insights needed to:

  • Prioritize R&D and clinical trial activity
  • Create an optimal launch strategy
  • Develop product positioning and value proposition

Source: DRG Real World Data Repository

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