This live session took place on December 12th, 2019

There are several key implications going into 2020 that could affect the way in which people receive care. From the continued trend of mega mergers to the realities of regional policy, the landscape is getting more complex and pharma must continue to make sense of these variables.

Some of the key themes and questions to be addressed include:


  • As the market adjusts to mega mergers of some of the nation’s largest managed care organization and PBMs, which carriers are gaining or losing ground in the commercial segment?
  • Which regions are still hot and which are cooling in terms of market growth?
  • Which areas of the nation are most affected by the continued surge in high deductible health plans?


  • Medicare Advantage continues to grow, but not all markets are equal. Where are the growth opportunities in this highly competitive segment?


  • Among carriers that compete in the managed Medicaid segment, the market will see some shifts following the merger of Centene and WellCare. What is the outlook for this segment?


  • What are the key policy topics that could drive enrollment changes in 2020?


Bill Melville, Principal Analyst with Market Access

Stephanie Hoops, MS, JD,  Senior Market Analyst

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