Launching a Revolutionary Device-Based Therapy

A top tier pharma company working at the intersection of pharma, device and digital based solutions must now branch out and understand the broader spectrum of treatment approaches.

The client is developing a new, breakthrough device-based therapy for an inflammatory disease target that is currently treated by pharmaceutical therapies. However, the team has limited knowledge of the device therapy market.

The client engaged DRG Consulting to answer a range of questions including:

  • Is there a need for a new therapy, and would physicians consider using it?
  • Will patients be receptive to such a treatment?
  • What are the key design and outcome considerations this new treatment must meet to gain product adoption?
  • Is the user-interface usable by patients and what improvements are needed?
  • What is the device reimbursement landscape?
  • How will the treatment pathway be impacted and how can the client ensure the commercial viability is not impacted by referral hurdles?

The DRG Consulting team leveraged in-house therapeutic experts, a deep understanding of the reimbursement and coding landscape, and extensive commercial focus on medtech markets to develop an integrated solution. The solution combined a range of DRG data and primary research methodologies, including:

  • Claims data assets
  • Epidemiology data
  • Syndicated research and reports
  • Qualitative interviews with treating specialists
  • Physician web-survey with conjoint analysis
  • Patient web-survey with conjoint analysis
  • In-person patient interviews

Deliverables including conjoint preference share simulator tools, coding landscape and analog market assessments, documents outlining key finding and recommendations, and reports to be used for regulatory submission were used by the client to:

  • Define the target patient population
  • Define the evidence thresholds that the treatment must show
  • Make a go/no go decision on continuing to pursue development of the treatment
  • Make fundamental design and investment/ acquisition decisions
  • Gain insight into the usability features that will be critical to successful and sustained patient adoption of the treatment