The Challenge

A large pharma preparing to launch into a busy specialty drug market sought to better understand therapeutic dynamics and identify the factors that motivate patients to switch into a newer class of drugs from older treatments, along with those that prompt physicians to prescribe newer drugs.


Decision Resources Group (DRG) assembled a team with expertise in analytics and social listening, well-grounded in the commercial and clinical context underpinning the category.


Leveraging DRG’s repository of anonymized claims data, the team mapped out the treatment progression pathway for patients treated with this class of drugs in detail, flagging switches, then utilized this real-world switch map to query anonymized patient conversation data relating to medication changes within the condition. These insights revealed:

  • The factors driving switches
  • How comorbidities impact patient quality of life
  • Patients’ emotional state
  • Attitudes and behaviors


DRG becomes Clarivate

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