DRG’s oncology experts help pharma companies solve their toughest business problems in drug development, product commercialization, market access, and portfolio strategy. With 20 dedicated oncology analysts and 30 experienced oncology consultants, DRG has over 15 years of providing oncology market assessment products and services to life sciences companies.

Senior members of DRG’s Oncology Analyst team who attended ASCO 2017 created this compilation of expert opinions on the sessions and abstracts they reviewed at the conference. This collection of their articles include:

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Does ASCO 2017 data suggest that the drug-treatment landscape is finally in transition?
  • 2017 ASCO ANNUAL MEETING ‘Making a difference in cancer care with you’: Plenary session de-brief
  • NSCLC updates from ASCO 2017
  • Looking beyond the CD19 CAR T-cell hype at ASCO 2017
  • Immunotherapy and pancreatic cancer: The game of hide-and-seek

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