Payers' hunger for digital content  and expectations for pharma customer experience across channels is upending "the traditional approach" to payer marketing and account management.

What do payers really want from pharma? Which types of content, tools and digital experiences influence their formulary decisions and in what ways?

To help you prioritize the right investments and focus areas, DRG Digital - Manhattan Research’s Multichannel Payer Marketing Study surveyed 189 U.S. P&T committee members at hospitals, IDNs, PBMs, MCOs and ACOs on their behaviors, needs, influences and pharma engagement preferences.

Here are a few highlights from the study – contact us or fill out the form below to request sample slides and set up time to discuss.


Key questions answered in the research:

  • Multichannel payer marketing: What types and combinations of websites, content, platforms, tools and services comprise a meaningful engagement platform for payers? What do payers want from pharma versus third party publishers (e.g. Lexicomp, Epocrates, etc.)? Should pharmas build payer portals? What content and features are payers looking for in pharma websites?


  • High touch account engagement: What level of digital engagement do payers want with pharma account managers, MSLs and KOLs? What’s the optimal balance of digital resources vs. KAM-driven engagement?
  • Beyond the pill innovation: What sort of pharma beyond-the-pill tools and services stand to have the most impact on formulary placement? Are soft-support value-adds as impactful as more stringently validated offerings? How open are payers to partnering with pharma around data management or custom offerings that can help them meet goals of value and quality?

U.S. payers are warming up to covering digital therapeutics

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