How can we increase treatment access through physician targeting when prescribing influence is complex?




A pharma brand team was launching a new mechanism of action for their psychiatric drug, and was challenged to rethink their approach to commercial targeting.

In contrast to their on-market drug, the prescribing influence had a lot of variables, including:

  • Multiple physician specialties seeing patients and making prescribing decisions (e.g., NPs, PCPs, and Psychiatrists)
  • Increased payer control over drug access
  • Specific requirements for sites of care treatment administration

An entirely new type of marketing and sales strategy was required. The team realized that traditional HCP targeting methodologies and volume-based prescribing scoring would not get them the best fit providers to increase access and uptake among the right patients.



Network analysis on multiple data assets identifies most influential HCPs and key access hurdles


The brand team partnered with DRG to determine the right influence factors, data and research approach to answer their business questions and get to their ideal target list:

  • Which physicians are making therapy decisions?
    Where is prescribing influence coming from?
  • How are they connected to physicians that are actively prescribing?
  • Are there any hurdles to market adoption that we need to address?

They concluded that in addition to finding the right providers with the right types of patients,
they also needed to find providers who influenced prescribing behavior in their networks.

DRG data scientists applied network analytics to multiple data types to map the physicians' connections, influence and behavior.

They then assessed and scored the physicians through a variety of lenses:

  • Clinical and payer data to quantify market share and usage
  • Provider and affiliation data to identify which physicians prescribe, and influence other prescribers

Through this analysis, DRG helped the brand team:

Get holistic view of the multiple prescribing influences and
network connections impacting their providers of interest

Identify the best-fit providers to reach their specific goals

Highlight key hurdles to access and treatment adoption

Prioritize resources for marketing efforts and call targeting



As a result of the analysis, the client had the insights and recommendations to:

  • Increase uptake among high value, influential providers
  • Expand market share while gaining approval for additional indications
  • Plan strategies to overcome market access hurdles

The brand team continued to partner with DRG on commercial targeting analyses for many other drugs in their portfolio.


DRG Differentiators

  • With diverse data assets in-house, including epidemiology, social, covered lives, claims, electronic health records, and more – DRG is able to analyze many different stakeholders and influence factors impacting a drug’s success
  • Data scientists who know the data inside and out, who are highly skilled in advanced analytical techniques to identify the right insights for unique brand challenges


Find the right physicians

When you are faced with tough business questions, DRG analytics specialists are here to help you define the best path forward.



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