While epidemiology is the gold standard for sizing patient populations, shifts and trends are likely happening right now that impact market sizing data and epidemiology studies.

By combining real-world data with epidemiology studies for market sizing, research teams can increase the speed and timeliness of their insights, understand the broader disease population, and generate more current and balanced trending and forecasting.

The authors in this executive briefing address questions such as:

  • What’s driving the need for integrated market sizing?
  • Where can integrated market sizing make a big difference?

Learn how one company forecasted for a new drug within a population that was difficult to define and how they became empowered to make better decisions around:

  • Forecasting the commercial opportunity for a drug; and
  • Assessing the allocation of investments.
"Teams need to understand faster, with a higher level of granularity, and with higher confidence."
-Julie Moloney
Client Engagement Lead, DRG

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