Executive Summary

A top pharmaceutical company needed a new strategy to enhance the global impact of its medical information. We used a number of analytical tools to determine evidence-based solutions for the digital distribution of our client's content. Our suggestions improved our client's influence and deepened our relationship with the client, allowing us to apply broader applications of our analytics for their purposes.

Introduction to Case Study

Our client, a top pharmaceutical company in the United States, was interested in improving the reach and impact of their medical content. We developed an analytical study to help them globalize their reach and improve performance associated with the content itself. We describe our case study here.

Defining the Challenges

To improve the reach and impact of content created by our pharmaceutical client, we needed to determine:

  • Which channels are most frequently used by target audiences in global markets?
  • What are the features of content presented in these channels that successfully reach and impact those target audiences?

Our Solution

Given that our client had previously focused more on content than on digital placement, we developed a study to enhance their digital plan, using a number of research tactics and our proprietary Taking the Pulse Global data. The study included collecting data to inform our client on:

Mobile best practices

  • Relative advantages of different channels
  • Ensuring timely and context-appropriate delivery of information
  • Managing engagements with key opinion leaders and sales reps


The recommendations we presented onsite to our client's medical insights team proved useful for meeting our client's objectives. The team deemed our process and results as forward thinking and actionable and has since broadened the scope of the analytics we perform for them.


Our Taking the Pulse Global data, combined with additional research studies specifically designed to address the best ways to improve the delivery and impact of digital data proved successful for a top pharmaceutical company. These results confirmed that strategically delivery of content should be a priority in addition to the creation of the content itself.

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