• Where is the marketing authorization process becoming more favorable to industry?
  • Where does industry need to monitor HTA development?
  • How are countries seeking to rein in drug spending?

The global market access landscape was reshaped by major events in 2017, ranging from changes to clinical trial requirements to use of pharmacoeconomics to evolving healthcare organizations. While many of these events will help open significant opportunities for growth, others will bring new hurdles for biopharmaceutical companies in 2018 and beyond. Expert analysts from Decision Resource Group’s Global Access team culled through over 40 market access events across six continents to identify the top 20 that will have the greatest impact on the industry.

This Executive Briefing outlines the events and potential consequences that health economists, market access professionals, and teams throughout biopharma companies need to consider when planning their global and local strategies in order to optimize patient access to drugs and secure positive return on investment.


Mainland China’s anticipated biosimilar boom – potential and key drivers of the market

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