Migraine Customer Trends and Planning Considerations

The market for migraine preventatives has evolved greatly in the past year. Three novel anti-CGRP MAbs launched in the United States, and more innovative therapies — including oral CGRP-targeted preventives — are quick on their heels. By November 2018, 7 in 10 surveyed U.S. neurologists had already prescribed Novartis’s first-to-market MAb AimovigTM, only six months postlaunch.

To improve patient outcomes and support stakeholders, pharmaceutical companies active in this fast-changing category will need to navigate a host of clinical, financial, societal and emotional factors influencing migraine patients, providers, and payers.

Here are some key market trends, and planning considerations that companies in the migraine space should take into account to better support and engage their stakeholders:

1. Physician survey (n=75), Access & Reimbursement, U.S., 2018 (DRG) 2. Real-world data study in which Migraine Disability Assessment Scores (MIDAS) were assessed, U.S., 2013-2018 (DRG) 3. Online patient survey (n=331), Cybercitizen Health® U.S., 2018 (DRG) 4. Emgality / Ajovy Emerging Therapies study, 2019 (DRG) 5. Analysis of patient social discussions, U.S., 2019 (DRG) 6. Physician survey (n=50), ePharma Physician® U.S., 2018 (DRG) 7. Payer survey (n=30), Access & Reimbursement, U.S. 2018 (DRG)


Do you know the right questions to get closer to your customers?

These dynamics, as well as complex patient, provider, and payer relationships and influences, make migraine commercial planning challenging.

DRG experts can help you prioritize the right questions and data sources to get you closer to your migraine customers.


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