Clinically Integrated Networks: A Growing Disrupter in American Healthcare

Publish date: 19 Jun, 2019

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The Growing Prevalence of Clinically Integrated Networks
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This live session took place on June 13th, 2019

Clinically Integrated Networks are vehicles for powerful IDNs to extend their influence into the physician sector and play a key role for IDNs trying to pave a path to becoming a self-contained healthcare ecosystem. Of the 200 state-level IDNs profiled, nearly two-thirds had CINs.

CINs are becoming the primary point of engagement for IDNs and are becoming more crucial to population health management and value-based contracts. To this end, CINs are the foundation for value-based narrow provider networks.

There are many types of IDNs, from major powerhouses within local markets to Academic medical centers, payer/provider networks and other unique arrangements.

Specifically, this webinar covered:

  • What CINs are
  • What makes CINs different from other physician organizations
  • Their role in the overall IDN ecosystem
  • Types of IDNs with specific case studies
  • Implications and strategies for pharma


  • Mark Cherry, Principal Analyst with Market Access
  • Valerie E. Pillo, Senior Analyst with Market Access


The rapid growth and consolidation of IDNs are having a profound impact the delivery of care at both the national and regional levels. This includes greater control on HCP decisions, rising competition with traditional insurers and pharmacies as well as a greater emphasis on value based care.
Can you identify key stakeholder alignments at the local level?

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