Checkpoint Inhibitor Customer Trends and Planning Considerations

Immune checkpoint inhibitors have dramatically altered the clinical landscape for a constellation of oncology indication by diagnoses, and biopharma pipelines are brimful with new candidates. There are currently over 150 emerging immune checkpoint inhibitors and co-stimulatory checkpoint modulators in development, spanning 100 oncology indication by diagnoses

Global sales have hit $17 billion already, and are forecast to double in the next 5 years. However, the costs of these pricey drugs mean that difficult issues of affordability, access, and reimbursement need to be addressed. In addition, with patients living longer as some treatments allow them to manage their cancer more like a chronic condition, there are a variety of emotional, lifestyle and disease management factors that brands must address.

Here are some key market trends and customer questions and planning considerations that brands should consider to better serve patients, payers and providers:


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Do you know the right questions to get closer to your customers?

These dynamics, as well as complex patient, provider, and payer relationships and influences, make commercial planning challenging.

DRG experts can help you prioritize the right questions and data sources to get you closer to your customers.



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