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"Targeting solid tumors is the number one goal in the year 2018.

The goals for the next few years are to ensure that Kymriah and Yescarta reach patients and then demonstrate the utility of CAR T-cell therapy in non-hematologic malignancies."

- U.S. Oncologist

DRG Oncology Expert contributors

Rachel Webster

Principal Director, Oncology Lead

Anamika Ghosh

Senior Business Insights Analyst, Oncology

Key business issues our CAR T-cell therapy experts and research address:

  • CAR T-cell therapy revenue outlook by indication and company
  • Competitive positioning and current/future update dynamics by indication and (sub)population
  • Typical patient journey for someone receiving CAR T-cell therapy
  • How competitors are ensuring manufacturing issues are optimized and scalable to meet demand
  • Competitor marketing, education programs and support for patients, providers, organizations and caregivers
  • Key pricing strategies used, such as risk-sharing agreements
  • Your specific business questions