Will 2017 be the debut year for CAR T-cell therapies?

Likely ‘yes’! Following a crescendo of clinical advances (and setbacks) in 2016, in the first quarter of 2017, the race to market became clearer. Kite and Novartis completed regulatory submissions to the FDA for their respective lead CAR T-cell therapies, a major milestone that brings this cutting-edge technology a step closer to clinic.

But fasten your seat belts, there may be bumps in the road ahead!

The first CD19-targeted CAR T-cell therapies (from Novartis and Kite) are on track for regulatory approval for B-cell malignancies in 2017. But this is just the first milestone. There are remaining barriers that early-to-market CAR T-cell therapies will need to overcome to achieve effective commercialization and widespread, optimal uptake.

Decision Resources Group’s Executive Briefing puts a lens on the key obstacles that stand between the first-to-market CAR T-cell therapies and their adoption.

  • What are the strategies that developers are investing in to enhance the technology to deliver superior CAR T-cell therapies?
  • What might the future roadmap look like?
  • What are the key questions remaining in this dynamic field?

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