Over the past ten years, the biosimilars market has rapidly advanced, mainly due to the forthcoming patent expiry of several blockbuster biologics and its potential to alleviate the economic burden of costly biologic treatments on healthcare systems. Despite the attractiveness of the biosimilars space, manufacturers must account for the not-insignificant development and commercialization hurdles in the process to market entry. Substantial capital investment and expertise in biological development and manufacturing is mandatory.

Biosimilars developers should be aware of alternative options when they lack in-house manufacturing capabilities, be well informed of the steps for designing biosimilars clinical trials, and be familiarized with the local regulatory framework and reimbursement landscape in the markets of interest. Moreover, with the growing number of approved biosimilars, it is paramount that brand innovator companies focus on developing more creative strategies to differentiate their product and guard against biosimilar competition, either through development of next-generation biologics, patent litigation, or pricing negotiations.

In the infographic below, DRG’s Biosimilars experts assess corporate strategies – based on recent examples –  that companies can employ to flourish in competitive global markets.

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Key business insights our Biosimilars experts and research address:

  • Forecasting key reference brands and biosimilars by therapy area and region
  • Gage unaided prescriber awareness of new products and level of satisfaction
  • Track how physicians and payers respond to biosimilars launches
  • Assess physician-reported patient share and type of patients selected for treatment
  • Understand which factors are driving or limiting use
  • Staying up-to-date on the global biosimilar development landscape
  • Compare levels of promotional activity for brands and biosimilars and the messages recalled by physicians
  • Assess strategies brand originator manufacturers and biosimilars developers utilize to stay competitive in the market

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