The era of one-size-fits-all chemotherapy treatment is drawing to a close - hear from our expert to find out more!

Over the last 15 years, we have witnessed a notable shift in oncology drug development activity. Amid spiraling
healthcare costs, demonstrating value of oncology drugs is paramount; personalized medicine provides
opportunities to achieve value despite narrow approval labels. Decision Resources Group finds that cancer
treatment is rapidly evolving and demand for more than modest incremental efficacy gains in highly competitive
markets is growing. Decision Resources Group’s Oncology Therapy Lead, Dr. Andrew Merron will present key
data, insights, and the current trends regarding personalized medicine in oncology at the Barcelona Scientific
Park on the 21st June 2016. Want to know the key findings? Andrew has the answers. Join him on June 21st as
he will address insights to try and meet this need. Register now!

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