Antibody-drug conjugates have delivered meaningful improvements in outcomes for select patients over recent years, providing cancer patients with fewer and less severe side effects than traditional chemotherapy, in addition to superior specificity and efficacy.

While development of antibody-drug conjugates is a complex and expensive endeavor for the pharmaceutical industry, the potential rewards for bringing a successful therapy to the oncology market can be immense.

In this eBook, DRG Oncology expert Paul Wilcock, PhD shares his perspective on emerging therapies and trends shaping the future of the antibody-drug conjugates landscape.

Key topics covered include:

  • Current leading therapies
  • Emerging players, agents and trials to watch
  • Disease management and access issues
  • Perspectives from oncologist KOLs
  • Takeaways for biopharma strategists

Biotech set for good start to 2021

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