It's springtime in Paris on this first day of the inaugural World Arthroplasty Congress, where orthopedic surgeons from around the world have gathered to discuss the hip and knee reconstruction in great detail. There's no extremity joint, no trauma cluttering the agenda?just the occasional joke, often concerning cheese and chocolate quality in various European nations. The weather? It couldn?t be nicer.
For me?as the exhibition floor has yet to finish construction?the day was lecture-heavy, with a focus on knee. First up was a general session covering ?Pearls? in primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA)?subtopics ran from new theories on mid-flexion knee stability to the value and efficacy of surgical navigation systems (or lack thereof). Discussions were broad, but focused. This week looks to be characterized as a state of the union in large-joint reconstruction.
Another interesting session detailed data and surgeon perceptions surrounding alternatives to primary TKA?mainly, unicondylar reconstruction in various forms, as well as high tibial osteotomy, and polyurethane menisci implants. The most interesting topics came from Dr. Francesco Benazzo who outlined the case for bicondylar unicompartmental knee reconstruction?either via ?double-Uni? or ?Uni plus patello-femoral? reconstruction, and Canada's own Dr. Steven J. MacDonald, who, following several perspectives on the virtues of Uni knees, had the difficult task of defending primary TKA. To summarize his points; it's cheaper, has better short- and long-term results, and equivalent patient satisfaction to Uni procedures.
All in all, a great and interesting start to this new Congress on the block?I?m looking forward to Day Two.

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