How to Enhance Your Patient Journey Mapping for More Effective Patient Engagement

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 1pm ET

Presenter: Rory Stanton, DRG Digital Head of Patient Research


Oftentimes traditional patient journey research is limited to physician behavior and clinical activities - but this only tells you a piece of the story you need for effective brand strategies.

In today’s healthcare system and digital culture – many patient behaviors and decisions that affect a brand’s success take place away from the clinical setting. Patients have an abundance of new health info sources and influences, as well as emerging concerns and needs above and beyond their symptoms, that are impacting their Rx decisions. And this critical planning info isn’t in a static map – it’s found in the real-world “voice of the customer” digital data sources such as social, search, website behavior and more.

How can you get the full picture of your patients’ journey - so you can intervene when it matters most, in the right way?


In this webinar from DRG Digital Principal Analyst Rory Stanton, you will learn:

  • How your current patient journey research may be limiting your brands’ success
  • How to layer new digital data sources on top of your existing research to…
    • Uncover the "why" behind patient behavior and decisions
    • Identify key intervention opportunities you may be missing
    • Acquire new patients, promote adherence or address switching behavior with the right channel and content strategy
  • Best practices and examples
  • Actionable recommendations you can bring back to your team for planning


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