Launch Planning - Digital World, New Customer Reality

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 11am ET

Presenter: Ben Katz, DRG Digital Principal Digital Analyst

To gain attention and adoption from today’s physicians and patients, healthcare brands can no longer launch with the traditional playbook - where digital was often an add-on or afterthought.

Digital is now an integral part of any successful launch plan - providing new real-world marketing data insights that transform how you understand patients and physicians; new channels and touch points for your brand to intervene across the customer journey; and new technologies to support outcomes.

But with the host of other launch activities you need to worry about – how and where does digital fit in?

Join this webinar for a no-nonsense guide to incorporating digital into your launch planning – preparing you for a more successful launch:

  • How patients and physicians make treatment decisions today, and what it means for your launch
  • How digital real world marketing data sources can transform your understanding of patients, physicians and competitors
  • Practical framework for determining the most effective channels, media and content for launch
  • Best practices and examples from brands who are leading the way

U.S. payers are warming up to covering digital therapeutics

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